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Smells Like New

I haven't had a new car in a while, but I remember when I did. Every time I'd first step into the car I'd smile because I'd remember instantly: I have a new car! It was a Saturn (which they don't make anymore so I feel old all of a sudden!) It had 4 doors so no one had to lift a seat to climb into the back (which made me feel fancy). I'll stop describing the car now because I will only further date myself when I share the music device that came standard. But I loved that new car smell. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, and it wasn't because I didn't keep it clean on the inside.

I was totalled.

I shouldn't have walked away from the accident either, which says a lot for the crumple-zone design. In fact, I was so pleased with the car, I bought another new one with the money, and resumed enjoying the new car smell again. Unfortunately, it didn't last long that time either, but not because I didn't keep it clean on the inside. Do you see where this is going?

I was totalled. Again.

It's a wonder I drive at all today. Both times were not my fault (I promise!), they were inescapable situations where I had nowhere else to go but get creamed. There were other scratches and dings that were entirely my fault (there's a dear GFC family whose mailbox will never quite be the same thanks to me - another reason I don't take meals to folks anymore) but these two wrecks were due to other people's miscalculations (or cell phone use).

I didn't smell a new car for a while after that, but I know it when I'm in one. There's just something about "new" - you can just smell it.

Well, you may not "smell" the newness of the ministry year at our door, but it's here! Perhaps you can feel it in the air instead. Pastor Jason shared his own story of his first “new car” this past Sunday – you should take a listen! The Groups@Grace Marketplace has helped in ushering in the "new" season before us, what a fun space that has been. Hopefully you were able to visit it and hear what's going on in groups this year. If not, this Sunday is your last chance, so be sure to take a turn through the marketplace!

This is what you’ll find “new” among Grace Women groups:

Grace Women Studies – for women who desire wisdom for living and growth in the knowledge of God’s Word in a small group on-site or in the area! Groups just started yesterday, so it's still early enough to register and join in for the next 7-8 weeks!

Gracemothers - connecting experienced moms with expecting moms (by birth or adoption) for much-needed encouragement with celebration as families transition. Please share if you or someone you know is expecting this season!

Mom to Mom Outreach (M2O) - encourages and equips moms in the GFC family who are at home with children ages birth to 5 years… Moms gathered for a kick-off meeting last month and will meet NEXT THURSDAY, Sept. 12th so register today!

Grace Women P.L.A.Y. - an opportunity to “practice play” and get refreshed in body and soul in a friendly environment with other women: it’s Zumba time! But watch, because we’re going to throw some YOGA in this year too!

Let’s Have Coffee – when you just want to share coffee and thoughts on life, love and living wisely with another woman who has been doing this “life thing” a little while! Check this out online anytime.

Single Women of Grace (SWOG) – join other women (ages 40+) who are single, divorced or widowed who are not letting dust settle under their feet! Email me for a Calendar of Events!

Another new development relates to our Grace Women Blog! Last year I took that unique opportunity to let you ladies get to know me a little better, and posted every Wednesday with a desire to inform, inspire and invite you into community in unique ways. All those posts are in our Archives, so you can read them and see the year in review at any time. This new ministry year I'm taking a different angle with the blog, though you will still hear from me! At the start of each month I'll share something from my heart, and will continue seeking to inform, inspire and invite. But other times in the month you will hear from various blog contributors made up of our own women with different life perspectives. We'll hear from moms, empty-nesters, Millennials, and even the some high school seniors! God has trusted much wisdom to His women in our fellowship, and I hope to use this blog to glean some of it from Him, through them.

So with groups off and running in some cases, and others just beginning to bud, I pray you are encouraged that God has designed a place just for you! And remember, if He's limiting the social spheres where you feel "just right", He may be keeping you a bit more to Himself a while longer to share something special in your heart. He has a timing for everything (Ecclesiastes 3), and a place for everyone in His body. Ask Him when and where, and He will guide your steps!

So glad to be journeying with you this year! Make sure to "Like" us on Facebook and subscribe to the Blog so you get all the latest updates. I'll see you Sunday and will share a little something "from my heart" next week!

In His grip with you,

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1. Pat LeQuire wrote:
I would like more information on SWOG

Mon, November 25, 2013 @ 4:37 PM

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