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From My Heart…

Jonathan and I helped give birth to a baby boy on Saturday. And it wasn’t in a hospital, it was in Jonathan's brand new renovated office in Kingsport.

It’s not what you’re thinking, even though there was blood, sweat and tears involved. Jonathan and I were invited by God into the opportunity where it was time to share the Good News of Jesus’ sacrificial love with someone who was ready to put his trust in Jesus Christ to save him. There is no greater invitation, and no greater privilege, then being allowed to witness God give birth through the saving grace of His Son, Jesus.

This man, a friend, explained that he once believed he had to wait to become a Christian only when he was finally “good enough” and ready to live on the “straight and narrow.” When we talked more, he realized that the life he was describing was an exhausting life of trying hard to be righteous enough, and feeling guilty all the time for not being worthy of love. In His words, “it’s not good news.” Amen. The “gospel” he described and understood was that Jesus needed us to be holy in order to love us – that we need to act right before we can be right.

Imagine his mind-tilt when I explained what the Gospel is really about. How Jesus already knew he could never measure up, and knew he would never be holy enough to stand before a holy God. And that because of what He already knew, did not come to Earth to condemn him further – but to save him. Jesus was not asking him to do a bunch of things, go a bunch of places, complete a bunch of tasks so he could be worthy of love and forgiveness. In fact, Jesus is the only one who offered to do the things, go to the places and complete the tasks Himself, for us. And by putting our trust in His finished work of dying on a cross and shedding his blood for our sin (penalty – death), we are saved. Born of spirit into Christ’s family and sealed forever.

His response said it all, “that’s GOOD news!”

So we prayed to thank God for this saving work in our friend, and showed him the spot on the floor where his old self died, and he was born new.

What a blessing it is to witness the birth of a new believer! It sets revival in hearts, and the tears are the sweetest.

And as every mom knows, this is only the beginning! Now come the feedings, the I-don’t-know-what-to-say-to-help-you moments, and the fear of ruining their lives with our lack of know-how and consistency. You long for the day when they can walk on their own and feed themselves so you are more assured they won’t starve to death, but you also don’t want to wish away the early days when everything is so sweet and new.

I haven’t raised a child yet, we are getting more excited about that prospect though as we journey further in our adoption plans (see more at if you are interested!) But God does call us to grow in our walk with Christ, into maturity, and ultimately His desire is for us to set about making disciples - reproducing babies in the faith! After all, we do not expand God’s family through procreation, but through regeneration by faith in Jesus. Singles and couples without children all have the same call to multiply and bear fruit, and this is the way!

Jonathan and I are not only delighted to be preparing for parenthood – with 2 little ones growing as I type. We are delighted to be a part of growing God’s family, one soul at a time.

Do you see yourself in our story? Are you our friend, just hearing the real story of Jesus’ Good News for us? Are you Jonathan or I, listening for the invitations God is giving in conversations with others? Are you us now, wondering how to help a baby in the faith grow into a child? Are you a young believer, wondering what steps to take to grow in your faith?

I’d love to hear from you!

No matter where you’re at, or how you can relate, I hope you’ve started with others at GFC on The Ultimate Journey. If you haven’t, it’s NEVER too late to start, especially with modern technology – you can watch the past videos and be caught up in no time! This is not about “an ultimate journey” – it is “THE Ultimate Journey”, so how can you miss this? On this journey you’ll be able to see better where you are on the path of maturing in Christ, and discover how to take one more step toward growth. I’ve always wondered what it meant to “be discipled” and to “make disciples,” and this series is answering those questions. And more.

For you moms of little ones out there, one thing moms of earthly children and of spiritual children both need, it’s encouragement and fellowship for the journey! Make sure to get some THIS THURSDAY at M2O!

From my heart this October,

Heather serves as the Women's Ministry Director. Serving on the staff since January of 2012, her passion is for encouraging women of all ages with the hope of Jesus Christ, walking alongside them in mutual discipleship and connecting them with fruitful community.

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1. Joan VanBeveren wrote:
Heather, I loved reading all the details of that wonderful Saturday event you shared with us yesterday. There is nothing like the joy that "new" parents experience too! Your blog challenged me to be more aware and available to those who are being prepared for new birth. Thanks!

Wed, October 2, 2013 @ 2:19 PM

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