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Grace Women Living With Mission - Sharon Killian

This month we’d like to look into the life of Sharon Killian here at GFC and find out what following Jesus – as a woman – looks like for her. It is true that Jesus offers to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness – saving us from a future eternally separated from Him as His enemy. This is all by faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by our good works so that we can’t brag about it. But being released from a fear of dying isn’t all Jesus offers, He offers us His very life to dwell inside of us with power and a position of purpose and influence in His Kingdom work that gives us a joy in living! Here at GFC we call this living with mission! Praying we encounter Christ and experience transformation, not merely learn information, let us stir one another up in our faith to follow Him yielding our energy, time, talents and whole heart…

Good morning, Sharon, thanks for being willing to share where God is working in your life and what it looks like for you to follow Him and live with mission as His disciple daughter!

Sharon, just so we can get to know a little about your background, how long have you been at GFC?  We have been coming to Grace Fellowship for about 16 years now.

Are you married? Do you have children? What occupies the majority of your time in the week?
I have been married to Chris Killian for 20 years… and we have three teenage daughters: Taylor, Rachel and Rebekah. I am fortunate to be able to stay at home during the day right now. I enjoy attending bible studies, working out, volunteering at the kids' school library. Currently I'm coordinating the Gracemothers ministry at GFC and participate with the Mom-to-Mom Outreach (M2O) group as well.

When did you give your heart to Jesus and make Him Lord of your life?
I was 27 years old… after moving from North Carolina to Tennessee, as a young married couple, my husband and I began attending GFC and in a Discovery class here at church, we both realized our need for a Savior and accepted Jesus Christ together! We had been trying to earn God's grace and just thought we could never live up to it!! (We can’t!) We had not grasped the true meaning of GRACE and God's gift of His Son for our eternal salvation until then! We now could put our hope in Him, not ourselves.

Did you know at that time what it meant to follow Jesus as His disciple daughter?
No, I had grown up in and out of church and didn't understand the true impact of Jesus dying on the cross. I didn't know how to be a disciple until I started to embrace a relationship with Jesus and learned I could trust in Him and His power; it has nothing to do with my abilities.

As you’ve grown as a woman, how has your view of following Jesus as a woman changed, if at all?
I have been blessed at GFC to have many wise women to watch and follow. When I first started coming to Bible studies and community groups, other women would pour themselves into my life. They would encourage me, pray for me, study with me…and as you spend time together "life" happens. I always felt accepted and welcomed, no matter what my struggles were at the time. As women, God created us to be natural nurturers and encouragers for others. I am learning as a woman, I am an influencer…whether I choose to be or not, when I'm around friends, family, other ladies, my children, anyone watching me…I will influence them. It's up to me whether I use that to influence for good and glorify God, or influence negatively and live for myself. Ouch!!

Have you always known where God was leading you to follow? Did it ever get confusing for you? If so, what did you do?
No. Only God knows the full plan. I have felt at times in my life, the Holy Spirit urging me or nudging me in a different direction or using people in my life to encourage me to branch out and stretch myself. I try to pray about it and take time before making a big decision. I have learned over the years that God can use any situation to teach us what He wants us to learn—so even if you're not positive at that moment whether it’s His will; you can still make a decision and follow through with it serving God to the best of your ability. He is ultimately in control!

Have you ever felt far from God? How have you handled those times?
The times I don't feel as close to God are probably the times I am not in the Word and praying as often. I get caught up in my busyness and checking things off the list, and I'm not looking to Him for guidance as I should.

What are some of the ways He has directed you in the past in following Him (serving Him)?
One of my favorite ways of serving Him is being a mom! Wow, what a responsibility and honor to bring up children to love and serve our God! It’s also the hardest job in the world, but worth it.
In the past, Chris and I have hosted community groups, taught Sunday school classes together, and served JC Housing Authority by delivering food boxes and building relationships with a neighborhood through our community group.

Did you always feel confident when you stepped out to serve? If not, what held you back and how did you overcome?
About 4 years ago, I began to help lead the Gracemothers Ministry here at church. I was served by the ministry and had Gracemothers when each of my children were born, so I wanted to give back as well. At first, I served as a Gracemother for expecting moms praying for them, providing a meal and encouraging them. Then I was asked to help lead it. I did not have a lot of confidence that I was the right one needed! But in faith, after prayer and encouragement from others, I overcame my fear and stepped out to take on a new role. I truly believe that you will experience the most growth and maturity when NOT in our comfort zone! Because it is at those times that you must rely completely on God—because you know it isn't in you. He has blessed me tremendously by allowing me to be involved in these ladies' lives to encourage and love them through this wonderful and transitional time in their lives. Many women at Grace join me in serving expecting moms at our church every month!

What would you say He has given you to do this season to serve Him, what particular mission(s) with Him are you living out in His power?
Right now, serving my family by raising up children to love and serve our God! Outside of Gracemothers and M2O, I enjoy serving with my three girls in the 2-year old class on Sunday mornings at GFC.

What new things are you being stretched in this season that you’d like to share?
This fall I began helping as a “Mentor Mom” with our M2O group that meets once a month at GFC for moms with preschool age children. This experience has been rewarding to join with these moms who are just beginning the parenting stage of life. I remember after my twin girls were born, I also had a 22 month old at home. My insecurities and exhaustion were overwhelming at times! But a group like M2O gives these women a place to come and fellowship and draw on each other for support. It is a new stage of life to endure, but it all matters to God, and we can't accomplish anything of value without Him! I feel blessed to just be involved with these ministries at GFC!!

Sharon, thank you for your friendship to me, and for giving of your heart a bit today so our women can be encouraged. You are a woman of wisdom and we praise God for you!

If you would like to know more about serving with Gracemothers, please let us know!

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1. Amy Greene wrote:
It's been great getting to know u even better thru your written testimony & thru M2O! You're a blessing!

Wed, November 28, 2012 @ 10:11 PM

2. wrote:
enjoyed this article

Wed, November 28, 2012 @ 11:42 PM

3. Joan VB wrote:
Sharon has been both a blessing and a delight to me as we have served together - wonderful to ready her story of freedom and growth!

Sun, December 2, 2012 @ 1:42 PM

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