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Leader's Guide February 10-16, 2013

Leader’s Guide- February, 10-16 2013


Mark 14:12-31- Remember

I think after general reactions and thoughts on the message and service, including communion,

the following questions would be particularly relevant. You can be the judge as to whether you need to divide into men/women or other small group configurations.

What is going on in your life right now that causes you to identify with the disciples in the upper room?

What do you most need to "remember" at this "stage" of your life regarding Jesus and why?

How could what happened in the upper room affect your life in the next seven days or so?


Mark 14:32-42 – Temptation

This is one of the heaviest and monumental moments in Scripture. Read it aloud a couple of times. Encourage several "observations" of the text itself. "What do you see here?" Repetitions, contrasts, commands, etc. Then, "What do you think the big picture theme is of these verses? What is it about? Tom seems to think it is about Temptation. Do you agree/disagree and why?


Mark 14:12-31

2.10.13 Tom Oyler, Lead Pastor

He is the _______________________ __________________. (vs. 12-21)

He is the _______________________ __________________. (vs. 22-25)

He is the __________________ _______________________. (vs. 26-31)



Mark 14:12-31

It could not have been more chaotic, confusing, and threatening than it was that last night. Everything was changing– fast! Yet, somehow, out of this crisis would come the greatest good for the disciples...and for the world, for all time! Maybe if we "remember" some of the lessons from that night, we can see our way through it all as well.



The essence of Christianity is the belief that Christ’s death has somehow put us right with God and given us a fresh start.

~C.S. Lewis

It is not the uniform that tests a soldier, but the battle; it is not attending classes that tests a student, but the examination; and in a like manner, it is not the hymn-singing that tests a Christian, but the hour of privation, or persecution, or danger.

~W.G. Scroggie

We must somehow get comfortable with reality of periodic failure.

~Sam Collins

When a man forgets himself, he usually does something everyone else remembers.



1. What was impressed upon you to remember from the three lessons in the message?

2. In what context or circumstances in your life are these lessons most needed and how can you help yourself "remember" them?



Mark 14:32-42

Oh-oh. Was it Mark Twain who said, "I can resist anything except temptation?" Well, this is no joke. Never, ever, has there been a more consequential temptation than this one at Gethsemane. It is almost too much to watch. But please do– listen and learn.


1. In what place did this "episode" take place according to vs.32?

(Look up the meaning/background of the word "Gethsemane.")

2. What was the main activity Jesus wanted to engage in? (v.32)

3. What is Jesus’ emotional condition as He seeks to pray? (vs. 33-34)

4. Why do you think He brought some of the disciples in to the garden with Him?

5. In His humanity, how was Jesus being tempted? (vs. 35-36)

6. What can you learn from the way He handled it?

7. What was Jesus trying to teach His disciples about temptation in v.38?

What kinds of temptations might He have foreseen for them?