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building a community to reach a community

April 14-20, 2013

Leader's Guide – Week of April 14, 2013

This week's message gives us hope that there is a new and living way through Jesus Christ to relate to our families. Once again, this series gives your group the opportunity to build deeper relationships through having open and honest conversations about what God wants to do in each person's life, so that they can move towards being a healthier Christ-like relater in their family, whatever their family may be like.

A good way to open this discussion and get everyone engaged is to ask: who was the first person to become a Christian in your family? This is a great way to find out what Christian heritage your group members have. Perhaps they are the first to have come to faith in their family, or maybe they come from a long-line of faithful Christians going all the way back to a great grandmother or grandfather.    This topic gets them talking about where the gospel has come into play in their family history.

Looking Back on Real Hope

To get moving towards real-life application of the message, ask group members what were their "aha" moments (new or forgotten truth) and "oh no" moments (truth that exposed a need for confession and change).

Read Colossians 3:1-12

1.   What is the main idea of vs. 1-4?  (You have a new identity)

2.   What is the main idea of vs. 5-11? (There are some things we need to take off)

a.   What action step is Paul calling us to and why?

3.   What is the main idea of vs. 12-14? (There are some things we need to put on)

4.   What is significant about the order of these three ideas?  How is this order the way we begin to experience growth and transformation?

Application questions:

1.   Which aspects of your new identity do you need reminding of most often?

2.   Which tendencies of the old way do you see in your relationships?

I really want to encourage you go around the room and ask group members to share with the group what relationship(s) is coming to mind for question three in the study guide "Choose one family member this week that you will vulnerably move toward in love."

You might want to have a time of pray for each person in the group to be rooted in the truth of our identity in Christ as we move toward selflessly loving our family members this week.

Looking Ahead to It is all About Me!

Read Colossians  3:12-17

Before using the questions in the sermon guide, do some general observation of the passage.   

1.   What is the author saying about God?  About ourselves? 

2.   What (if any) action step(s) is He calling us to and why? 

To help everyone focus on the sermon series topic, ask why is this passage relevant to family life?  Then use the study guide to walk through the passage.  

You can wrap up your group time by asking how group members can use this passage as they move toward that designated family member this week in a vulnerable way.


Family Life in HD: Real Hope  Colossians 3:1-14

4.14.13  Rob Sweet, Teaching Pastor

You have a new identity.  (v 1-4)

You are chosen, holy, and dearly loved.  (v 12)

The Old Way                                               The New Way



How do we “put the love”?  (v 14)



Be vulnerable


Family Life in HD: Real Hope

Colossians 3:1-14

Because of our fear of rejection, our natural instinct is to try to squeeze love and acceptance from wherever we think we can find it. This often takes a toll on those closest to us, and our family members often feel used or wounded. Among the amazing changes the Gospel makes in our lives is the opportunity for a new way to approach our relationships. As we believe the truth about our new identity in Christ we become free to begin truly loving other people.

Thinking It Through

There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters.

                ~Alice Thomas Ellis

What others think of us would be of little moment did it not, when known, se deeply tinge what we think of ourselves.

        ~Paul Valery

Love was compressed for all history in that lonely figure on the cross, who said that he could call down angels at any moment on a rescue mission, but chose not to – because of us.

        ~Phillip Yancey

Turn around and believe that the good news that we are loved is better than we ever dared hope, and that to believe in that good news, to live out of it and toward it, to be in love with that good news, is of all glad things in this world the gladdest thing of all.

        ~Frederick Buechner

Living It Out

1.     Which aspects of your new identity do you need to be reminded of?

2.     What tendencies of the old way do you see in your relationships?

3.     Choose one family member this week that you will vulnerably move toward in love.


Family Life in HD: It is All About Me!

Colossians 3:12-17

Really! It is all about me! When it comes to family life, that is really good news. So often we get “lost” and feel like we really “don’t matter” or have any real influence in our families. Think again- using Colossians 3:12-17 as your guide.

Looking It Up

1.   In vs. 12-14, what “reality” is in the background of what is called forth from us? In other words, why compassion, why bearing with, why gentleness, etc?

2.   “Who” is the only one being addressed as responsible agents in vs. 12-14?

What does this tell you about your primary mindset in “family life”?

3.   What resources are available to us as we seek to live out our calling in family life? (3:15-16)

4.   What aspects of life are included in v. 17 and what does it likely mean to do all in the name of Jesus?