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Leader's Guide - October 7-13, 2012

Looking Back: I Pledge Allegiance…
I would suggest again that you keep your pulse on the “temperature” of the group as you continue to get into the series. Try to keep the atmosphere light and positive. You could begin this week by asking people, just for fun, “How were politics a part of your home growing up? What was it like?” Emphasize there are no wrong answers. This exercise should be a safe way for people to self-reveal a bit about their background. Don’t force everyone to share, but give ample time for as many to share as want to.

Then you could follow up by asking the group, if you think it is needed,
“What do we need to be aware of as we talk about these things in our “home group” (your community group) over the next few weeks?”
If there are some things that emerge, seek some consensus of the group regarding any guidelines, boundaries, etc., that could serve the group well.

Regarding looking back on Sunday’s message, I would just go to the final two questions on the Bible Study Guide and talk them through together. They are:
In what ways were you surprised, challenged or encouraged by this message?
As you ponder the fact that government is legitimate and limited in its role, and that God is preeminent over all, what if anything is beginning to shift in your mind and heart? Why, why not?

Looking Ahead: Over and Above

You may not have a lot of time to look ahead, but if you do, here are some suggestions. An opening question could be interesting, “What is this Bible Study ABOUT?” Let several weigh in. (The ball park is, “who is God, what is He like, and how should He affect our understanding of Mark 12:17?)
Then just ask, “What did you learn about God from some of these verses?”