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Leader's Guide - November 11-17, 2012

Leaders Guide: November 11-17, 2012

Looking Back: Heart and Soul – Jeremiah 9:23-24

A couple of suggested questions may be enough for you to launch into looking back on this last study in our I Pledge Allegiance series.

1.     See if the group can piece together the two verses as accurately as possible. i.e. “Lets see if we can say Jeremiah 9:23-24 together without looking.” Let the group stop itself, seek to correct itself, etc, until you get it pretty close. Try to avoid allowing one or two people dominate the process. Once the group gets it, you could say it out loud again a couple of times.

2.     Ask then, “In what ways was this an appropriate “post-election” message/passage or not and why?” Ask for a variety of responses.

3.     Then, “From a personal perspective, how do these verses speak to your heart and soul?” 

Looking Ahead: Holy, Holy, Holy – Isaiah 6:1-8

Isaiah vividly describes his encounter with God in this passage. Think back in your own spiritual journey when you have had personal encounters with God. What did He reveal about Himself to you? What did you learn about yourself in those experiences?


I Pledge Allegiance: Heart and Soul  Jeremiah 9:23-24

We are ____________________ to ______________________.

We need to ____________________  ____________________.

 We need to ______________________ Him.

 We need to ______________________ in __________________.



I Pledge Allegiance: Heart and Soul

Jeremiah 9:23-24

Many have said that this election was the most important in our lifetime. Could be, only time will tell. What we know for sure is that only we can determine the allegiance of our heart and soul. And that is the most important thing about us, regardless.



Honors, monuments, whatever the ambitious have ordered by decrees or raised in public buildings are soon destroyed; there is nothing the passage of time does not demolish and remove.


The world is poor because her fortune is buried in the sky and all her treasure maps are of the earth.

          ~Calvin Miller


We have placed too much hope in political and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most precious possession; our spiritual life.

          ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Christianity has become a religion of   private comfort and blessing, that fills up whatever small holes in life pleasure, money and success have left open.

          ~Jay Richards


“Thus says the Lord.” What do you hear the Lord saying to you about your heart and soul, and how do you choose to respond?


Holy, Holy, Holy!

Isaiah 6:1-8

Isaiah 6:1-8 paints an awe-inspiring scene of Isaiah’s encounter with God. The imagery that Isaiah uses is powerful but what this short passage shows us about God’s nature is even more powerful. Meditate on Isaiah 6:1-8 this week. Take time to ponder the questions below and consider your own spiritual journey and the moments in which you have encountered our holy God.


 1. When did this event happen? What can you learn about Uzziah and his death in 2 Chronicle 26:1-5, 15-21?

 2.   How did this event set up Isaiah’s experience?

 3.   What scene is described in Isaiah 6:1-4? What do these verses reveal to us about God and His nature?

 4.   What does Isaiah confess about himself in verse 5 in light of being in God’s holy presence? How does that correspond with our own lives in light of the presence of God?

5.   What else do we learn about God’s nature in Isaiah 6:6-7?

6.   After receiving God’s forgiveness, how does Isaiah respond to God’s request in Isaiah 6:8? How have you responded to God’s forgiveness in your own life?