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Grace Women Groups

Welcome to Grace Women Groups!

These gathering places will help you discover the richness and meaning of true community with other women. We strive to develop group environments where you can learn to replace the lies of the world with His truth and expect Him to change you and use you, alongside other women. We encourage you to take the challenge presented in each of these groups of diving deeper into the truth of God.

We look forward to spending time in God’s Word and in life-giving conversation with one another! We hope that you will find a group where you can connect and grow.

Women's Groups

Coffee with God

Facilitator: Wendy McAuley
When: Two group times: Tuesday morning & evening, beginning April 3 (4 weeks)
Morning: 9:30am, Room 402
Evening: 6:30pm, Room 402
Materials Needed: Bible and notebook
Childcare: Available in the evening only, with a registration 

“Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend.” Ex 33:11

God created us to have relationship with Him! Have you ever done a Bible Study with a friend? You met at your house, maybe watched a video, did the homework and talked about your answers. You laughed together, cried together, and grew closer together! The Mighty Creator, God of the Universe, Lord of Lords, Savior and King wants to sit with you, face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend and study the Bible. He wants to tell you who He is, how He feels about you and the wonderful things He has in store for you!!!

My guess is, this Bible Study will be like none you’ve ever attended. Why? Because you’re the teacher! You will teach yourself (I will be there to guide you) how to read and study the Word of God and then apply what you’ve learned (been taught), to your life! The Bible is living, ever new, and the Author lives inside of you!

Who is this for? Everyone! Young or Less Young, New Believer or Seasoned in your walk. Wherever you are on your journey, that’s where we’re going to start!

What about homework? We will be doing the studying during class, and on our days off, you will be living what you learned…15 min/day.

More than Enough: A Scripture-based study for those without children

Facilitator: Lois Martin
When: Bi-weekly on Thursday evenings, beginning April 5 (9 weeks)
Time: 7:00pm, Room 411
Materials Needed: Bible and notebook 

This unique study is for women without kids, and will focus on grounding ourselves in what Scripture has to say about our place in life. It is open to women of any age or marital status.

If you're earlier in your journey, not sure if you're having kids, or struggle with the trying, I invite you join us. If you already know that kids are out of the picture, and struggle with that reality, I invite you to come as well. If you're in a place where you've dealt with it, in some way, you're still invited in. Your unique experience could encourage someone else.

Maybe you need a place this year to be around someone else gets it. Gets the private struggles, the doubts, the anger, the tears. The marital tension or the loneliness. The new-found empathy. And for many, a new experience of God's faithfulness. Maybe you want to share some hope that you've found along the way.

There is a verse in Proverb 30 that says that the barren womb is never satisfied, and never says "Enough!" It's not at term I like to use, barren. It speaks to our unfulfillment and lack of growth. Of shame and not being normal. It's a natural way to feel when we are living the life unexpected. But the good news is that God has something to add about this, our natural insufficiency. In this study we'll investigate that. This group will spend each week focusing on issues that may relate to us personally, will have us heading to scripture to see what God has to say about it all.

Read more of Lois' story here

Unshackled: Lose the Guilt and Shame

Facilitator: Sandy Tyree
When: Tuesday evenings, beginning April 10 (8 weeks)
Time: 7:00pm, off-campus
Materials Needed: Bible and notebook
Childcare: Not available

This study is for any woman who longs to shed the shame and guilt of abortion by looking at God's Word and sharing our hearts in a confidential and safe environment. Together, we will walk the path leading to hope, healing, freedom and the oh-so-abundant life God desires for all of His children.

A past participant shared, “The greatest thing I will take from this study… [is] recognizing the enemy’s lies and comfort in knowing I’m on my way to being healed.“

Another stated, “I’m so glad and thankful the Lord led me to this [study]… I am at a place I never imagined I could be. Glory to God!”

Read a past participant's experience here

For more information, contact Sandy Tyree or call 423-557-9649. All inquiries are confidential.

Together: Reading Through the Bible in 2018

Together 2018 is a group of 40+ women who have joined together to read through the Bible this year. We have an online discussion board where we share our thoughts, insights and questions. We gather every second month for dinner, encouragement and conversation around what God is teaching us. For March and April we will be reading the historical books (Joshua through Esther) We would love to have you join us... you're not too late. Just pick up with Joshua and come along!

Grace Women also has weekly Exercise groups... check them out here.