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The Pulse: You’re Invited!

The Pulse: You're Invited! This past Saturday, GFC echoed God’s love into our community through serving at our local schools. Thank you

The Pulse: You’re Invited!2021-07-29T13:28:04-04:00

The Pulse: Knowing and Loving

Knowing and Loving I read a note from a single friend who is relocating for a new job this summer. He briefly

The Pulse: Knowing and Loving2021-07-14T16:11:25-04:00

This is Not Our Rest

This is Not Our Rest My friends and I might not be “old,” but we’re definitely not young. And as a result,

This is Not Our Rest2021-07-13T11:25:01-04:00

The Pulse: Free to Be Free?

The Pulse: Free to Be Free? In 1824, Peru won its freedom from Spain, in part because of the skillful leadership of

The Pulse: Free to Be Free?2021-06-30T17:04:48-04:00

The Pulse: Broad Shoulders

The Pulse: Broad Shoulders God expects a lot from men. Especially husbands and fathers. This is consistent throughout Scripture, but here are

The Pulse: Broad Shoulders2021-06-15T14:49:10-04:00

Artists in Christian Testimony

Grace Global Outreach: Artists in Christian Testimony It’s my job to listen to people. This is one of the things I love

Artists in Christian Testimony2021-06-03T17:35:17-04:00

The Pulse: Thinking and Thanking

The Pulse: Thinking and Thanking Thankfulness is preceded by thoughtfulness. The roots of the word thankful are from the proto-Germanic noun, “thanka”, which means “a

The Pulse: Thinking and Thanking2021-06-03T15:21:50-04:00

Sufficient Grace

Sufficient Grace My husband, Mason, and I moved to Johnson City from Louisville, Kentucky in May of 2020 for him to complete

Sufficient Grace2021-05-27T15:41:23-04:00