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The Pulse: Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Summertime is nearly here, which means a break from school, longer days in the sunshine, and... a summer

The Pulse: Are We There Yet?2021-05-11T22:04:52-04:00

The Pulse: Mission and Methods

Mission and Methods For a parent, the mission of guiding a child to maturity in each area of life (physical, spiritual, emotional,

The Pulse: Mission and Methods2021-04-28T12:26:56-04:00

The Pulse: No Man is an Island

The Pulse: No Man is an Island A magazine cartoon portrayed a thief pointing his gun at a frightened victim yelling, “Okay,

The Pulse: No Man is an Island2021-04-20T14:46:28-04:00

The Pulse: Easter Isn’t Over

The Pulse: Easter Isn't Over Yesterday, we celebrated the reality of Jesus’ resurrection together through “Easter on the Lawn” (if you missed

The Pulse: Easter Isn’t Over2021-04-08T15:38:22-04:00

Is Good Friday Good?

Is Good Friday Good? Tomorrow is Good Friday, when we reflect upon the day that Jesus died on the cross. The name

Is Good Friday Good?2021-04-01T14:17:50-04:00