Easter Choir

Join us for this year’s Easter Choir!
We are excited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together as we worship.
These Easter services are also an incredible opportunity to minister to guests who may join us.

Please review this page, and then fill out the form below to join.
If you already filled out this form for the Christmas Choir, you do not need to fill it out again.
You will receive a separate invitation to participate.

Everything You Need to Know:

While we will work on different vocal harmonies and dynamics, this choir is really just a sample of the congregation. The goal is to help engage the congregation to sing, so your demeanor, energy, and engagement is just as much as part of this choir as vocal ability, blending well, and dynamics.

If you can sing in key, are willing to prepare, and will bring a worshipful energy, you are invited to join! We do ask for ages 16 and up, but hope to have a multi-generational choir.

We will have a few optional choir-only rehearsals between now and Easter. You will be notified of those times in a separate invitation email, after you have signed up on this page.

Wednesday, March 27th All band & Choir Rehearsal. Please arrive in the Main Auditorium by 6:45pm. Rehearsal may last until 8:45pm or so. 

Saturday, March 30th please arrive at 3pm in the Main Auditorium for pre-service rehearsal. The Saturday service is at 5pm.

Sunday, March 31st, please be on site and ready at 7:30am The 1st service will be at 7:45am. The other Sunday services are at 9:15am and 11am.

(If you have to miss any of the time commitments, please make a note on the form) 

We will enter the stage from backstage, which is near the “West” entrance. Please also exit backstage, the same way you entered. 

The Greenroom and Greenroom lobby will have coffee and finger foods available. Also, North Room 1 will be available with seating during the messages if you prefer. Or if you’d like to attend a service, please exit backstage and then walk around to the main entrances. During the last prayer, you can simply come up to the stage in a prompt but quiet manner. 

This is an informal worship choir. Please wear what you’d normally wear on a Sunday. However, we do have a stage dress code, so please adhere to that as well. 

We will post several vocal parts for each song. You are welcome to sing melody, or you can choose a part that is within range. However, please note any dynamics (where you may sing, not sing, or sing loudly or quietly).

Once you join the choir, you’ll be sent an invitation from “Planning Center” where you can view all of the song files, lyrics, etc!

Simply fill out the form below! We still currently have spots available, and will update this page if we reach capacity.

Choir Sign Up

If no, please include details in the Comment section below.