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  • Monday Memo - January 19

    God is fixin' to fix you.

    But if you try to fix the fix that He has fixed for you,

    He will create another fix to fix you with,

    Until you let the fix He has fixed for you fix you! 

  • Supporting Our Military Through Roots & Boots

    My journey to Roots and Boots really began many years ago. When as I child, we lived out in the country and didn’t attend church. The twenty-four years I spent in the Air Force were more of the same, although I did feel an emptiness that I didn’t understand or know how to fill.

  • The Newness of It All

    Welcome to 2015, ladies! Whatever things went well or did NOT go well in 2014 are officially behind us (over, completed, unchangeable at this point, and yet are NOT determining factors of our future!) You and I are invited into newness of every kind – a new date to remember when we write checks...

  • Monday Memo - January 5

    You may not be aware, but most weeks those who teach in the auditorium provide resources for you to maximize the impact of God's word. One resource is Looking Back and the other is Looking Ahead. One helps us reflect on and apply what we have heard, and the other enables us to prepare for what is coming the next week.

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