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  • Monday Memo - March 30

    It was a joy to wrap up our series on the life of David with you yesterday. I hope that it's been as valuable for you as it has been for me! We tend to have a bad habit of moving on quickly, jumping right into what's next. But I want to invite you to pause and reflect on what God has taught you through the life of David.

  • Your Turn to Respond

    We’ve seen David go from being an obscure shepherd in the hills of Bethlehem to the King of Israel, and it’s been a wild ride. But this story is more than just an entertaining tale from long ago. It’s meant to be instructive for our lives today.


  • Monday Memo - March 23

    The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon... It is a classic song with a powerful and personal message. I used it yesterday to introduce the message FROM HERE TO THERE.

  • Monday Memo - March 9

    You may have heard of OPERATION COOPERATION. It is all about funding and serving our local community for the next year. Our goal was $50,000. As of now, the total given and committed is...

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