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  • I Found A Place Where I Belong

    “Are you ok?” the text message read. I was running late to a Community Group event. At first, I felt embarrassed that I was running late, but then I recognized the depth in that simple text...

  • Meet Our New GFC Team Member, Eddie Johnson

    GFC has recently hired Eddie Johnson as the Groups & Equipping Pastor. We've asked him to introduce himself so that we can get to know him a little better!

  • My Grace Groups Experience

    If you're looking for connection or a way to deepen your sense of connection and relationship with your church, Grace Groups has a place for you! To give a little sneak peek into what a Connecting Group looks like, Thomas Bier has written this blog inviting us into his group experience.

  • The Pulse - January 4


    It is what we want AND need! Hard to admit how great is our longing for intimacy. And to what lengths we will go to find anything that approximates it?

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