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building a community to reach a community

The evidence of God's heart of compassion towards humanity is all around us. He even sent His only Son to enter our world, die on the Cross and provide the bridge to eternity.

The Lord God now sends out the local church, as followers of Jesus Christ, to demonstrate His grace in our lost and hurting world. He calls us to be externally focused on the real needs of people around us rather than insulated in our own protective bubble. GFC Outreach endeavors are designed to lift up our eyes and get us out of the building so that we might be part of the solution, so that all peoples of the world might encounter God’s love.

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  • A Personal Touch

    Would you believe it if I told you that both China and Egypt have more evangelical Christians than Spain? Well, it’s true. According to Joshua Project, Spain’s 1.5% evangelical believers would rank Spain below the above-mentioned countries.

  • Shepherd's Lunch: A Heart for the Hungry

    "I’ve always had a heart for the underdog, the underprivileged and the outcasts of society. Our family has enjoyed serving the poor and homeless through the ministry of Shepherd’s Lunch"...

  • Local Outreach Partner Spotlight: Rise Up!

    Mike and Sherry Marion head up Rise Up!, one of our local outreach partners. Rise Up! seeks to inspire kids in Johnson City to be relationally successful and break their cycle of poverty. Stop by their table in the café this Labor Day weekend to speak with them and learn more about their ministry. 

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