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Kairos Prison Ministry

Cookies for Kairos
Kairos Prison Ministry will be at North East Correctional Complex (NECX) in April, sharing the love of Jesus with the inmates. As an expression of that love, Kairos will be taking 3,000 dozen cookies into NECX over the weekend. Scroll to the bottom to see cookie guidelines if you are interested in bringing in cookies.

What is Kairos?
Kairos Prison Ministry International is a worldwide prison ministry serving in more than 16 countries. A team of Christian men go into the prison on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and present the Gospel through talks that encourage, comfort, and advise. The men are given a time to respond to the talk and share what is in their heart in small groups. There is also a time of music, and a kitchen crew is at a church nearby preparing home cooked meals for the prisoners. There are non-stop homemade cookies at each table throughout the weekend. At the closing of the weekend, many community members come to support the guests, and the inmates share what the weekend has meant to them. It is a humbling experience seeing the hand of God at work in these men's lives.

There will be men from GFC on the team that goes into the prison for the 4 days. In addition, several other GFC members will be working in the offsite agape area, plus a number of GFC men are going to the closing on Sunday, April 15. You can share in this ministry through your prayers and by baking cookies. If you are willing to provide cookies for this ministry, sign ups are below and collection at GFC will be April 8 & 9.

If you would like to learn more about serving in the Kairos Prison Ministry, you can visit their website here.

Cookie Guidelines:

Cookie collection at GFC is April 8 & 9 at the Kairos collection table in the lobby. They can also be brought to the church office by noon on Tuesday, April 10.

Types of Cookies Accepted:
· Sugar
· Molasses
· Peanut butter
· Chocolate chip
· Oatmeal (no raisins)

 Cookie Don’ts:
· No fruit, no nuts, no candy except chocolate chips
· No sugar or frosting on top
· No storebought cookies

How to Package:
· Use gallon size plastic bag
· Put 12 cookies to a bag
· Taping the end of the bag works well, this makes sure they don’t get to the prison as just crumbs.
· Please do not write on the bags with any sort of messages.

How to Package Cookies:

Please pray that God will use your cookies to demonstrate His love for the prisoners, guards, and staff that will receive them. Thank you for helping with this ministry; it will certainly change lives!