An Adult Child of God

I came to Grace Fellowship in January of 2018 with a heart that felt empty and yearning for God. I prayed for God’s direction so I could have a new love, understanding, and closer relationship with Him. At the first service I attended, I found so many opportunities offered to me, one being the Together 2018 group available through Grace Women. I have attended church my whole life, off and on, and was baptized when I was young, but I had NEVER read the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I know Bible stories and have taught these stories to many children, but my knowledge ended there- with a child’s knowledge of God.  Yes, I’m a child of God, but I am far from a child.

I joined Together 2018 in February and started reading in Leviticus.  What a book to begin with! Definitely not a book taught to children very much. It was truly eye-opening to this God of Leviticus and the expectations He laid out. At first, He appeared to me to be mean and scary. No wonder the Levites were told to“Fear the Lord”. I couldn’t imagine having to do all the offerings and practices.  As I read, I kept thinking, “What would PETA do?”

As I continued through Leviticus, I began to realize what Jesus really did for me. The deeper meaning in his death on the cross to save us from our sins so we can be accepted as his child and inherit eternal life became more clear to me.   Jesus is the final offering, the offering that wiped our slate clean, allowing us to be free from those offerings and practices.  HE IS OUR OFFERING. He was the game changer; he changed the rules. This was the answer to my prayer and yearning for a new love and understanding; a closer relationship with Christ.

Reading the Bible has brought me into a deeper knowledge that I need to live as an adult Christian. I look forward to my daily readings because this is the time God is growing me. There are times that I still don’t understand a passage when I read it.  I will flag it and talk about with my “Together Tribe”. When we get together for our dinners, we discuss the readings and what we’re learning and I grow even more.

The fellowship with these women is another thing that I had prayed for… a place to belong. I love hearing what these women have to say and the way God speaks to them. Even though some of them have read the Bible many times, they are learning new things and coming to a new understanding.  In the last few months my life has changed dramatically, in so many wonderful ways. I have grown so much and I am becoming an Adult Child of God. The Together Tribe has been like the grout on my path, helping to hold the path together as God leads me down it.

Together 2018 is a Grace Women Group that has been journeying together this year through the Bible.  We gather every second month for dinner and discussion around what we’re reading.  Starting in July we will embark into the Major and Minor Prophets.  Join us!  For more information and to register visit

Michelle Davis