The Caring Hands of the Front Lines

During the pandemic, we have seen even more clearly that “the church is the people, not the building.”

My husband John and I and our community group friends were told by doctor friend Arnie Hopland, “You guys are to stay at home and don’t go out. At your age, you are at risk.” John and I are both 82 years old and took the advice seriously. My regular checkup appointment at my heart doctor’s office in turn became a medical call with his Physician’s Assistant. While talking to her I said, “I understand with extra hand washing, your hands are in bad shape.” “Oh, yes,” she said. I asked if it would be okay if I gave her a hand cream and she said she thought that would be nice. I hung up the phone and thought that there are many who are working during this scary time that could benefit as well, and as a Mary Kay consultant for over forty years now, I could make that happen. I had wanted to reach out to others without going out. Here was an opportunity.

I called my Mary Kay customers and asked if they would want to buy a hand cream for a healthcare worker during this crisis on the basis that if they bought one, I would use the profit to buy a second one so two healthcare workers would get a hand cream. Many of my customers said yes!

The hand creams were delivered to the staff at my heart doctor’s office and at Sycamore Shoals Hospital. I also called consultants in my unit to ask if they have a close friend or relative working in healthcare during the crisis. We mailed to those workers individually in several different states.

I got a text message the day after the hand creams were delivered. A nurse said she had tears in her eyes when she received the hand cream and loved the poem we had attached to the bag.

Know that you are appreciated,
Please know how much we care
That you protect us on the front lines
And for always being there.     

Please accept this healing gift
For your loving, caring hands.
Just a tiny, little “thank you”
For helping take a stand!

Barbara Furst