Candy Carnival 2023

Candy Carnival 2023 Last weekend, hundreds of kids and families came to GFC for Candy Carnival! They spent time jumping on

Candy Carnival 20232023-11-01T10:03:12-04:00

Father’s Day Celebration

Father's Day Celebration 2023 Last weekend, we had the opportunity to celebrate all the incredible fathers in our lives. We also

Father’s Day Celebration2023-06-20T14:44:34-04:00

Father’s Day 2023

Father's Day 2023 When we think of a great dad we think of someone who sets a good example.  Children watch

Father’s Day 20232023-05-25T15:50:20-04:00

World Parent’s Day

Encouragement for Parents on World Parent's Day Keep Learning. No matter how much research you do, no matter how many books

World Parent’s Day2023-05-23T15:31:44-04:00

World Smile Day

The world will tell you that joy is a rare emotion that you must search for in other people and places

World Smile Day2023-05-23T15:12:22-04:00

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget

GFC Community, Many comforts we enjoy are underappreciated simply because of their commonplace nature. Typically we don’t realize how much we

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget2023-05-30T11:33:19-04:00

Memorial Day 2023

Memorial Day 2023 Memorial Day is a time to recognize and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom through

Memorial Day 20232023-05-16T10:44:17-04:00

Mother’s Day 2023

Mother's Day 2023 We love our amazing moms! To those who are moms, want to be moms, have been moms, or

Mother’s Day 20232023-05-02T11:38:17-04:00