Cru: Functioning in a Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times of change and chaos. We have all experienced a sense of loss in our personal lives, work, and church. In the midst of the chaos, we are clinging to Psalm 46:10. David writes, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” God is in control. None of this has been a surprise to Him.

Our ministry with Cru has amazingly grown deeper and become stronger. Earle and I direct the division of this campus ministry called Faculty Commons. Our local ministry is primarily focused on reaching and discipling professors and administrators at ETSU. Many of these professors attend Grace Fellowship Church. We are also on the leadership team of the national ministry of Faculty Commons. This ministry extends across the nation to the faculty of college campuses in America and around the world. Zoom calls have become our primary way of communication and ministry. Through many hours of calls, we have shared encouragement from God’s word and embraced together the message of God’s peace. The powerful gospel message continues to take root. We have clearly experienced how much we need each other.

I also continue to lead Cru staff teams in leadership development seminars using StrengthsFinder materials. These seminars are now being taught via Zoom. I look forward to the day these can be done face to face again.

Another amazing outcome has been the increased presence of prayer in our ministry with Cru. We are currently in day 29 of 40 days of a 24-hour prayer chain. This prayer chain extends around the world. Thousands of believers from around the world are praying for revival and for God to work in the hearts of people. Here is a brief description of this prayer emphasis:

“Be Still is a call for the body of Christ to seek the Lord together for renewal and awakening in the midst of chaos and crisis. Organized by the campus ministry of Cru, it started with a live event on April 9 and is continuing with a 40-day 24/7 prayer chain.”  To learn more or get involved with Be Still, follow this link: Cru Prayer Chain.

We are trusting that God is going to use this time to initiate revival locally, in our nation, and around the world.  Let’s pray together toward that end.

Until the whole world knows,

Cara Chute