“My name is David, and over the last year, I have had a few unexpected wake-up calls. Last summer, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and then just to make things interesting, I came off one of my horses in April and broke my collarbone and nine ribs. Although I’m recovering, I’m also waiting to see what’s next.

When you face a cancer diagnosis, you suddenly encounter your mortality in a different way and have to think about the hope for eternal life and how real it is to you — or to say it better, do I really live with hope and without a fear of death? Do I really trust in God’s faithfulness and in His promises?  This was very much on the mind of my wife Debbie, and me after the diagnosis.

We automatically turned to our Grace Fellowship small group and found that several other members were facing similar issues. I can’t tell you how important it has been that others have surrounded me with prayer and support. What I and other members of our small group have gone through has strengthened my faith and prayerfulness. In fact, prayer has brought my wife and me much closer together over these last few months.

Through it all, God was faithful to us in helping us navigate a complex process. I don’t know yet if the cancer was eliminated, so we keep praying and we are at peace that God will prepare us for whatever lies ahead.

Now we pray together about everything, having discovered that God stands by his promises.  We don’t trust God because we are strong. We trust in God because he is faithful and knows what is best for us!”

Thank you, David for sharing your story in services and with our church family! We are praying with you!