Money is not merely a business aspect of the ministry, but it is also a deeply spiritual matter which is vital to resourcing the mission of our church. GFC operates on a fiscal and ministry year that runs from September through August. Our budgeting process reflects our plans for ministry for the next 12 months. The information below is intended to give you a snapshot of giving at GFC for the purposes of your own giving decisions, for rejoicing, and for prayer.

Ministry Fund – All inclusive resources to meet the ministries needs of GFC, including salaries, ministry to children, youth and adults, outreach, and all other expenses related to maintaining and expanding the mission of GFC.

Annual Budget for Fiscal Year beginning 9/1/20  $3,388,000
YTD Budgeted Need as of 3/28/21 $2,005,208
YTD Offering Received as of 3/28/21 $2,300,100
Last Month  March 2021 Need $256,180
 March 2021 Offering $273,615

Building Fund– represents dollars to be used for debt reduction. While our Ministry Fund provides dollars each month for the building payment, we are also in the process of fulfilling commitments on capital campaigns. The numbers below are updated monthly.

Gifts received to date (Building Reaching/Imagine campaigns) – $9,291,120

We would love to hear from you and help in any way we can!