Friendship and Connection

We started attending services at GFC back in 2001 while we were still dating. We mostly just went to the services and a few classes so we didn’t really get to know people in the church. We felt a little disengaged. After a few years we really wanted to get connected so we joined Paul and Jan Jacobson’s community group. Through this group we got to know people in the GFC community much more personally and we were more involved with outreach. Our leaders were wonderful mentors and helped us grow in our relationship with Christ. In 2010 our first son Gabriel was born and we had just joined Lever and Sarah Lee’s community group. We developed close friendships with people in similar life stages in this group. We were able to share many experiences and learn and grow from each other. 

In 2013 there was a need for more community group leaders and our experience in these two wonderful groups helped equip us to fill the gap and start a new community group. At first we weren’t sure if it was the right time for us to lead a community group…we had a 1 and a 3 year old and a lot of other responsibilities and commitments, not to mention we loved our group and the friends we had become so close to. We were comfortable in that community group so stepping out of our comfort zone seemed daunting. But when the need was presented to us we felt called and trusted that God would make it work for His glory.

Being community group leaders has helped us to mature in our ultimate journey of being changed by Christ and used by Christ. Our group has experienced major life events including joyful celebrations of birth and marriage as well as difficult times like loss of family. Being there for each other during life’s transitions and learning how to support each other in challenging times has helped us grow. Serving together as a group helps us to be more joy filled and effective in our mission as well.


The entire community group experience has not only helped us develop friendships but actual relationships with deep connections. We have authentic meaningful conversations that help us to learn more about God’s character and what he wants for us. We study the living word and discuss ways to apply it in our daily lives. We talk about failure and success and real life. In doing this we develop closer relationships with God, encouraging one another to pursue Him in all that we do. The kids in our group enjoy meeting together every week and have been growing relationships with each other as well.  Being a member and serving as a leader in a community group has made a huge impact in our family and has become an integral part of our lives.

– Trey & Candee Spence

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