Piano / Keys is a vital part of worship music. Because we play both hymns and modern worship songs, both technical ability and flexibility to play the simplest of “pads” are important. Many times it’s necessary to “under-play” to help fill the space of a modern worship song. We have a grand piano and a Nord keyboard on site. We can help you learn more about the Nord and even have preset pad sounds.

We’re Looking For: 

  1. Technical Ability – able to play in any key with only the use of chord charts
  2. Flexibility – willing to use sounds / pads that match the song
  3. Matching the Song – able to pick out parts by ear and play them back accurately
  4. Stage Presence – comfortability on stage with the ability to help engage people in worship, without being a distraction


Because the worship leader normally plays acoustic guitar, a second acoustic is only occasionally used to help fill out the sound of the band.

We’re Looking For:

  1. Consistent Rhythmic Playing – ability to play in a way that complements the main acoustic
  2. Knowledge of Chords and Capos — ability to “capo-up” and play along (we can help with this if needed)
  3. Stage Presence – ability to engage with the music and look up often from the chart