Generosity – A Story From Grace Kids

This week I was reading the introduction to a book and the following quote jumped off the page at me…

“What captures the wonder of our hearts will control the way we live.”

The book was talking about how we become familiar with things. We lose the wonder we once experienced when it was new. Over time, we end up taking that thing, that moment for granted. It just becomes familiar.

This made me think of a sweet elementary friend and the lesson of wonder he has taught me over the past few weeks. A few months ago we talked about the widow’s gift and how she gave all that she had in in response to God’s love for her. (Luke 21:1-4) That same week we made little boxes that the kids could fill with their offerings to Jesus. We talked about how the amount didn’t matter. What matters is that our heart is joyful when we give in response to all that God has given to us. My sweet little friend has been running up to me each week with wonder as he brings his little box filled with coins and dollars. I love to watch his face as he drops each coin in the offering box. Last week I asked him, “Did you know that this money that you bring helps to tell others about Jesus? You are sharing God’s love with others as you give each week.” His eyes lit up again with wonder that he could play a part in God’s story, in the story that our God is writing here at Grace Fellowship Church. I pray that my little friend doesn’t lose that wonder but that his wonder and knowledge of our great God grows. What captures the wonder of your heart these days? I know for me, God’s incredible generosity to me becomes familiar most days. I’m praying that I’ll recapture the wonder that I see each week in the eyes of our kids as they worship our God in song, as they grab on to each word of His story, and as they discover the love God has lavished on them. May you experience the wonder of our God in new and fresh ways. This week we are making our response to the ALL IN initiative. Click here if you are ready to make your response!

Don’t miss out on the following opportunities to think about generosity as a family as the holiday season approaches:

Advent Calendar:

Celebrate advent as a family! Sign up for your family advent kit and pick up on November 26th.

Giving Depot:Take a gift request from one of the trees in the lobby and return it to the lobby to help stock the Depot Store.

Serve as a family at the Depot. There are many opportunities to be involved in this annual church wide event. Experience the Giving Depot through service.

Jingle Jam: THE BIG GIVE

Jingle Jam is a Christmas Party big enough for the whole family. Bring your family and friends to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in a way that they will never forget! Saturday, December 9th at 1:00p.m. Jingle Jam will take place between shifts at the Giving Depot. Come serve and celebrate for a true family experience.


Malia Grant

Children’s Ministry Associate Director – Elementary