A Personal Touch

Would you believe it if I told you that both China and Egypt have more evangelical Christians than Spain? Well, it’s true. According to Joshua Project, Spain’s 1.5% evangelical believers would rank Spain below the above-mentioned countries. We have experienced first-hand the extreme hopelessness in the Spanish culture due to no relationship with Christ. We started to ask the LORD, what are you showing us and why?

What began as a four-year journey of equipping and preparing our hearts for launching out into cross cultural ministry with the destination unrevealed, turned into a location we would have never predicted. At the start, GFC offered a debrief session after a short-term mission trip to Clarkston, GA to discuss what we felt like God was doing in our hearts. We shared a movement and stirring, that outside of Christ, was unexplainable. We shared that something had begun and we needed help to decide next steps. Larry Nees, now retired Outreach Pastor, began an amazing initiative he called Missions Equip. The group ebbed and flowed with about 8 people, and God was steering us into studying missiology, theology, and God’s heart for the nations in a bi-weekly setting. It was four years of constantly sharing and growing together. At the conclusion of this class, Missions Equip helped to prepare, equip and send several families to the field.

When our family first began feeling called to long term cross cultural ministry, never once did Spain show up on our radar. We were exploring Kashmir, India, possibly Papua, Indonesia or even the Philippines. We knew God’s ordained calling, and we felt the Spirit stirring in us a call to the least and the lost of this world. We held loosely the location, but gripped onto His grace. Only after God shut the doors on those other locations, did He reveal to our family that He would be sending us to boldly proclaim the Gospel in Spain!

By grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone is the foundation of our evangelism. With the help of GFC, we took a vision trip to Spain in February 2017 to assess the current state and situation of the gospel in Spain. After returning to the US, World Team field directors asked us what we thought of their ministries and what opportunities we saw. Trying to share the truth in love, we commented that the missionaries were amazing and the intentionality of their work was obvious. However, we saw an opportunity for complete boldness – to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its power to save, with all those who would listen. Strategically, there are many ways to do this. We feel that our partnership with World Team, a first-class sending organization, will afford us the tools and resources to strategically and effectively proclaim the Truth!

God is calling us to proclaim the testimony He provided for us when we were lost and He brought salvation to our home and family. As home-grown long term field workers, we are honored to call GFC our home church and thankful to have a sending church who cares for us personally. Experiencing personal support, for personal needs produces a personal relationship as a body.


For His glory and the joy set before us we thank each of you for making it personal,

Michelle, Jeff and Simon Peter Champlin