THE THREAD | The Gospel At Work
Lesson 13: A Revelation, Part 2

Dear Parents,
We just completed our 13th and final lesson of The Gospel At Work, studying the spread of the Gospel and Christianity in a post-crucifixion/resurrection world. These lessons have all been a part of our study of the big-picture story of the Bible called The Thread. This lesson was entitled “A Revelation, Part 2.” When a tadpole becomes a frog, do you think they sometimes try to still swim like a tadpole? Probably not. But sometimes, when we become a new creation in Christ, we tend to remember what it was like before and hold onto that. Sometimes we are resistant to becoming a new creation. The beauty of the new creation at the end of the world is something that we can’t even fully comprehend! That’s why so many people focus on it, have crazy theories like “zombie apocalypses,” and get so easily confused. But here’s the cool thing: the newness that happens inside you once you are in Christ is also incomprehensible. The way frogs and butterflies change resembles how we change: we become entirely different. Everything is made new in Christ. That’s the sort of business God is in! So, how can we live into the newness of life in Christ? We have immediate hope once we are in Christ, knowing that He is growing us more and more each and every day. But we also have hope that everything will be restored in the end.

Lesson Overview: This is the final lesson in The Thread! In this lesson, we’ll look at a second snapshot from John’s revelation. In this lesson, we’ll see how John describes the new order God will ultimately institute. It’s a beautiful ending to the story, as God restores the personal, harmonious relationship He initially created in Eden. No longer will we be separated from God. We will be with Him. And He will be with us. It’s a great way to end our study of the story of the Bible and to see the ultimate fruition of the Gospel’s work.

What We Want Your Teenager To Learn: Understand that in the end, God will ultimately bring about a new order of things, restoring the perfect, personal relationship He had with all creation in the very beginning. Also, realize that God has always been in the business of renewal, most notably with the renewal He offers people through faith in Christ.
What We Want Your Teenager To Do With What They’ve Learned: Consider what it means to embrace the new life in Christ they’ve been given, rejecting any aspects of their old selves.
Scripture Passages We Studied: Revelation 21:1-8; 2 Corinthians 5:17

Next Steps. . .

During the next week, as you engage in conversations with your teenager, remember that one way that will help them to understand and apply what they have learned is to explain it to someone else. Use the following questions to guide your conversation:

  • What are the ways that you’ve seen God change you into a new creation?
  • How is Revelation a book of hope?

Thank you for all you do. As a parent, you are the primary spiritual influence in the life of your teenager, and they desperately need you. I’m praying for you! If you have any questions or if I can help with anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know.