Grace Young Adults: John & Katelyn

John and I met in the fall of 2020 serving in Grace Young Adults Ministry. John had moved to the area that summer and began attending GFC. Shortly after, he was connected with Jacob Bouvier, our Young Adults Pastor, to learn more about our ministry and how he could get involved. John attended the GYA Fall Kickoff Event and started volunteering at GYA events soon after. He also joined my Community Group!

I remember thinking that John was so nice, servant-hearted, and had a fun personality, but I honestly wasn’t looking to date when we first met. I told numerous friends about him – that he was so great – but it took months of friendship and intentional time to get to dating. And now we’re married. (What!) We keep saying that the Lord is so kind. So kind to know us and pursue us, and to lead us where we are now. We’re just two broken people finding life in Christ, attending GFC, and serving within GFC. And now we’re married. Our God is cool.

The last picture we want to paint is “show up to Young Adults Ministry and you’ll find the love of your life.” Maybe you will. Maybe God has that story for you, but it’s okay if He doesn’t. One thing I learned before meeting John was to be content where the Lord has me. He’s so good – and I’d still be singing that song even if I had never met John. One thing I do know about Young Adults Ministry, though? You’ll find a room full of ordinary people that will welcome you just as you are. People pursuing Jesus and people that like to have a lot of fun together. We’d love to meet you there sometime!



Katelyn Bissett
(Formerly Jorjorian 😊)