Highlights of the Student Leadership Team Retreat

In April, Grace Students took all of their Student Leadership Team to Doe River to say “thank you” for such an incredible year. SLT’s are students that participate in GFC’s Student Ministry, but are also given extra responsibilities in being leaders of small groups within the ministry. As a freshman in SLT, it was really nice to be appreciated despite our age, and I felt my three youth leaders did just that.

The SLT retreat provided for all students spiritually. The older high schoolers were not hesitant to reach out to underclassman, and were sure to provide new relationships built on God’s wisdom and kindness. One example of this is the entire group’s challenge to climb a wooden wall with nothing more than a few rocks and the help of your peers. As a team, we managed to get everyone up the wall twice, first with no restrictions, then the following time with limitations on how much an individual could help. Both times, careful planning was held and everyone’s opinion was considered. In the end everyone, including me, realized that we couldn’t tackle life’s obstacles alone. We had to rely on each other to help “get us over the wall.”

The most memorable experience of the trip for me was PTC, or passing the candle. There was one candle that would travel around the whole circle, and give each individual a chance to share what is on their heart along with giving thanks to those who had supported them in the student ministry. PTC was an emotional experience for everyone within the circle, especially for the senior class who will be moving away from Grace Fellowship high school ministry next year. The testimonies and thanks from all of these students showed everyone their age and younger that God is truly good, and will provide in all matters of life. In the end, I will never forget my freshman year SLT retreat, and I am eager from the upcoming years where I can make the same impact older students made on me.

Abbie Underwood