This team helps to create a warm, welcoming environment as they offer a friendly smile, a helping hand, and information that allows guests to better experience the love of Christ. No prior experience or training is required for any of the positions listed below.

Event Preparation

Supports the Hospitality team by serving during the week in preparation for Sunday and special events like Communion, Christmas, and Easter.

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Door Greeter

Provides a warm welcome to guests as they arrive and a friendly farewell as they exit our campus. Greeters are stationed at external doors and may provide guests with general directions and information about our church. Greeters serve one Sunday a month in two shifts on Sunday morning.
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Hallway Host

Welcomes guests in one of our four main hallways by showing them around the church and providing an information or help they may need. Hallway hosts serve one Sunday a month.

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Parking Lot Hosts

Welcome everyone to church on Sunday mornings! Serve all guests in the parking lot by initiating with a warm welcome, clear directions, and a fond farewell.

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