Kid’s Guide to Baptism

We are excited that your child is interested in baptism! There is no greater event in the life of an adult or a child than to make the decision to trust Christ as his or her Savior. At GFC, we believe that the next step is to join with believers as they follow Christ’s example and publicly declare and celebrate their new life in Him through the act of baptism.

As you prepare for this faith milestone, we look forward to coming alongside you and your family. The baptism process for kids has been designed to allow each child to fully embrace this next step in his or her spiritual journey.

Is My Child Ready?

There is no magic age that indicates whether or not your child is ready for baptism. It’s hard to know when anyone is ready. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward choice to share with others that one has accepted Christ as his or her Savior. We usually find that kids begin to process and articulate this expression between the ages of 8 and 10. To help you, here are some questions to think through before taking the next step in the process:

  • Will he or she remember it and its significance? This is a huge step. It should feel huge throughout their lifetime.
  • Is he or she able to make a choice to believe in Christ?
  • Is he or she able to understand the significance of identifying himself or herself as a Christ follower?
  • Does he or she have an understanding of decision making and have ownership of his or her life direction?
  • Does he or she clearly understand the decision to “Go Public” with their faith?

The decision to trust Christ as their Savior is the most important decision your child will ever make. The next milestone is to join with believers to publicly declare and celebrate their new life in Christ through the act of baptism. We want each child to fully understand the significance of baptism when they participate in this milestone. We hope these questions are helpful.

If you would like to talk about your child’s baptism readiness or have questions about the process, please contact Jennifer Daniel.

Next Steps

The next step is to register below. You will receive a baptism packet with information to help you prepare for the big day.

You will be asked to set aside time for you and your family to watch a DVD that will take you through God’s Big Story. This is a great discussion starter for families to introduce or continue talking about the Gospel. Please watch this together and use the guide to talk about it. The DVD will be used as a point of reference to generate conversation during your child’s baptism interview. This is a great opportunity to invite siblings to participate!

After you’ve watched the DVD and discussed the information in the packet, contact Stacie Oligny to schedule a baptism interview with one of our Grace Kids ministry staff.

Last but not least, your child will prepare a testimony that will be shared via video on the day of his or her baptism.

Please feel free to submit your registration at any time. If the next approaching baptism services are full, you will be placed in queue for the following baptism once that date is set. Someone will contact you upon the receipt of your registration regardless. We look forward to walking alongside you in this next step of your faith journey!

Baptism Registration

select all that apply
If not, please scroll up the page, read that section and return to mark this as Yes
Are you a Christian? (Have you made the decision to trust Jesus as your Savior?) Can you tell us about how you became a Christian? Was there someone who helped you understand who Jesus is? Who are they, and how did they help you? How would you tell someone else about Jesus and what He means to you? Have there been any situations in your life that Jesus has helped you or made a difference in your life?
We encourage you to consider a family member or friend who has made a significant contribution to your child's spiritual life
Please note that this is ONLY A PREFERENCE. We will take your request under consideration while planning the baptism services, but cannot always meet them.
You will be given a T-shirt to wear for your baptism.