My Next Steps Experience

I was blessed by my Next Steps experience at GFC. I have a hard time getting to know people, and Next Steps really helped the process happen for me (not to mention there is free lunch!).

For me, it is important not to just be a consumer at church, but to be an active participant by serving. Since GFC is a large church, it seemed like getting involved and finding a way to serve would be dif-ficult, but then I went to Next Steps. This event allowed me to meet leaders of different ministry areas, which helped narrow my search for a place to serve.

Currently, I am serving in The Source helping people find resources for their spiritual growth. This is all possible because Next Steps pointed me to who I needed to be in touch with. In addition to being very informative about the ministries and staff at GFC, Next Steps gave me a look into what kind of church community I was getting into. Now I am looking forward to taking another next step by attending the next Grace Membership!

Matthew N. Korff

The next Next Steps lunch is on Sunday, April 28 at 12:15pm (right after 2nd service). Visit to learn more and sign up.