GFC’s New Student Pastor, Blake Tyree



Wherever you are in your story, you were placed there with purpose. The highs, the lows. The good, the bad.
Focus on just that: Bloom where you are planted.

When I was asked to introduce our decision to hire Blake Tyree as our new student pastor, this quote came to mind. Many of you may not realize that Blake has been on staff at GFC since 2014 and has served in different roles. Blake served in our childcare ministry, was a student ministry intern, and even added in some Grace Kids tech hours. Blake joined full-time staff when he was asked to lead our early childhood ministry, while also supervising our childcare team (all while getting his masters degree in Christian Ministry!). Last fall when Jacob Bouvier moved into a young adults pastor role, Blake became our middle school director, only to then be given the role of interim student pastor mid-year. Little did any of us know that he would be leading student ministry, middle and high school, during this Covid-19 season. When that role of student pastor became available, Blake stepped in to help out as interim and continued to lead with his whole heart.

What I have seen in every role, no matter how small, no matter the age group, is a dedication to learn and grow just where he was serving at the time. I never saw him look to what’s next for himself. I have seen him take it all in and make an impact right where he was placed and planted. This speaks volumes for his humble leadership style and dedication to ministry.

I am happy to share that Blake has agreed to be GFC’s student pastor and lead our 7th-12th grade ministries. I am confident that he will continue to learn and grow while he continues to be used by Christ to make an impact on those he serves.

Jennifer Daniel | Family Life Ministry Director


Let’s Get to Know Blake!

Masters Graduation, May 2019


What high school did you attend and when did you graduate? Providence Academy, 2013

Tell us about your college education.
Associate’s degree in Education from Northeast State, Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from ETSU, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Liberty University.


How long have you attended GFC? 6 and a half

Tell us about your serving/volunteer history at GFC.
Grace Kids volunteer (3rd grade), Grace Students volunteer (8th-12th grade), ECHO, Joy Prom, Giving Depot, Walk With Jesus, various service projects

Give us a breakdown of your time on staff at GFC.

Hired on-staff in 2014 (some roles overlap)…
Childcare Worker (part-time, 2 years)
Grace Students Intern (part-time, 1 year)
Grace Kids Technical Assistant (part-time, 3 years)
Early Childhood Director (full-time, 2 years)
Childcare Director (part-time, 3 years)
Grace Students Associate Director – Middle School (full-time, 6 months)
Interim Student Pastor (full-time, 6 months)
Student Pastor (full-time, one month so far!)


What was your first job? My first “real” job was at Little Caesar’s pizza on S. Roan Street.

What is your all-time favorite song or band? “Jump” by Van Halen (gets me hype every time)

What is your all-time favorite movie? Rocky 1 (I love them all, but nothing beats the original.)

What is your best or funniest memory of being in a student ministry or youth program yourself as a teen/student?
I didn’t grow up in a very big or exciting youth ministry, but our youth director brought us Wal-Mart donuts and milk every Sunday morning. I loved those doughnuts so much that one morning I had 8 of them. That was a big mistake, but in the moment, it was so worth it.

What is your favorite student ministry game or activity?
I love Telestrations. If you haven’t played that game, look it up and play it with your family. Be prepared for lots and lots of laughs.

Do you have a favorite bible verse or scripture passage?
Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

What is your favorite thing about working with students?
I love how deep they are. I think that students today often get thought of as being too shallow or obsessed with their phones to ever be able to think about anything deep, but I have heard questions and had conversations with students that have caused me to think about and ask questions about my own faith. Students are seeking answers to some really tough questions; we as adults just have to be willing to listen and help them work through those questions!


What are 3 funny, interesting, or little known facts about yourself?

I am a big nerd when it comes to reading. I love reading about wizards, dragons, knights, etc. (right now I’m in a series called Wheel of Time. Check it out if you like fantasy!)

I have a really bad fear of heights. I don’t even like to get on a ladder to change the lights at my house.

I tend to be a big perfectionist. Yes, I’m one of those people that gives you a dirty look when you have 12 items in the “10 or less” aisle.


How long have you and Millie been together? Dated for 6 years, married for 1.5 years.

What’s Millie’s job? 2nd grade teacher, Towne Acres Elementary

Otis (left), Lambeau (right)

Tell us about your dogs.
Lambeau (named after Curly Lambeau, Green Bay Packers legend), half dobermann/half pitbull, 1.5 years old (he’s not as vicious as his breeds make him sound) and Otis, half weimaraner/half golden doodle, 2 years (the sweetest, most laid back dog you’ll ever meet)

What is your favorite show to watch with Millie when you are taking it easy at home?
Lately we’ve been watching a lot of a show called “All American” on Netflix. I’m not usually into dramas, but Millie convinced me to watch it and I actually really enjoy it!


I am really excited to see God continue to be faithful through Grace Students ministry. One particular aspect of student ministry that I am really passionate about is developing small group leaders. I think it is so important that students have Christ-following small group leaders that are passionate about spending time with them and helping them grow closer to Christ. When a student ministry has leaders who are following Christ and showing up consistently, students get to see a weekly example of how they can follow Christ in their own lives. So, I’m really excited to build a strong team that can help students become passionate followers of Christ!

Blake Tyree