The Most Challenging Thing I Have Ever Done

Parenting is definitely the most challenging thing I have ever done.  I feel like I have failed in it more than I have succeeded.  And now that our son is 14, these feelings are only exacerbated!  Am I doing things right? Too soft? Too hard? Am I expecting too much or too little? Am I reaching my son—at all? How do I speak to him in a way where he doesn’t just tune me out, like I feel he does 99% of the time?

Thank God—literally—for Sissy Goff and David Thomas!  David wrote Wild Things:  The Art of Nurturing Boys, and without exaggeration, I have referred to that book over the last 9 years more than ANY other parenting book.  It has been a phenomenal reference point for me.  And don’t even get me started on Sissy Goff!  We’ve known Sissy for over twenty years, and our son attends a camp Sissy leads each summer. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Sissy’s loving and wise investment into our son’s life.  And now their new book co-authored together, Are My Kids on Track?, is helping us to navigate these tumultuous and mysterious teenage years.  Bottom line, you do not want to miss this parenting conference.  You will laugh, maybe cry, and definitely be encouraged!

Jodi Thomas