The Pulse – July 12

Are you honest enough with yourself… really?              
Are you humble enough to listen to others… really?           

These are the two probing questions we faced at the end of the message last week. The lie that many of us believe, even though we would not want to admit it, is You MUST Accept Me! I am what I am, deal with it. Popeye would like this one!

A demand that others must accept me as I am without any sincere openness to change is a destructive dynamic in our culture, churches, and homes. Marriage especially can be ruined by this lie. You promised you would ACCEPT me for better or for worse! Just do it.

We are more than halfway through the summer. Our new sound system goes online July 24 and we start a new teaching series the first part of August called, “LISTEN UP! Minor Prophets Speak Out.” Buckle up.

There is still time to sign up for ECHO happening on July 22. You can serve our community with others from GFC or feel free to invite friends or family. I just met someone this past Sunday who is now attending Grace because they were invited to serve at ECHO last year!

So let’s gear up for a new season in our lives!

For the Ultimate Journey,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor

P.S. TAKING THE JOURNEY TOGETHER! That’s what we do at Grace Fellowship… Being changed by Christ and used by Christ. If you want to accelerate your journey, if you are stuck or need a new beginning, join me at GRACE MEMBERSHIP on Friday, July 28, 7-9pm and Saturday, July 29, 9-11am.