The Pulse – August 2

ECHO members who worked South Side:

Oh my goodness! You guys are the most generous and energetic servant leaders I’ve ever met! Not only did you do exactly what was asked of you with perfection, but you did it with a smile that was genuine! You even stayed beyond your allotted time to finish the front with your donated mulch!

You’re kind; you’re generous; you’re hardworking and selfless! Thank you to your whole church for providing the invaluable service to our community! Please feel free to come visit anytime!

Much love and appreciation! 

Anne & the staff & families from South Side Elementary

This letter is representative of many of the responses we received from ECHO 2017! I would say our community heard the ECHO of God’s grace from you all! Thank you… I am very proud and humbled by you!

We also hosted the entire faculty and staff of Johnson City Schools for their annual system-wide meeting and kick-off this past Tuesday. The parking was packed and so was the auditorium. It was my honor to welcome them to GFC, give a shout out to Mountain View, and let everyone know that we prayed for all of them in our three services last weekend. I was interrupted by applause several times, and could sense a genuine connection with our community and our church. Then the entire Science Hill band made a grand entrance! This would not be possible without our wonderful facility, including the new steps upon which the band stood, and the new sound system, which made hearing everything a pleasure. Again, I am very proud and humbled by you.

We complete the summer teaching series FAKE NEWS this week and then August 12-13, we begin a new series entitled LISTEN UP! Major messages from Some Minor Prophets. YIKES! Remember, the Monday night service is going very well, meeting in the Student Center at 6:30 every week. This creates a lot of options for a lot of people.

Hey, August is the end of our fiscal year. Currently we project that our actual giving will be $100,000 less than actual spending. We are doing what we can to limit expenses this month, but your help would be greatly appreciated. You can give online, which is now very easy to do. Even I can do it!

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor