Grace Fellowship Church Childcare Reimbursement Policy

As a church, we want to do everything we can to make full participation in the life of our Grace Groups Ministry possible. We recognize that one limitation for parents participating in Community Groups can be childcare. To help with this challenge, GFC has created a system to help offset the cost of childcare by reimbursing parents for part of the childcare costs related to Community Group participation. We hope childcare reimbursement makes getting connected at GFC, not only easier, but also more enjoyable!


Reimbursement Policy

  1. Childcare reimbursements are for Community Group meetings only. This does not include Community Group parties, social events, or service projects.
  2. One person within the group should be the designated “Group Childcare Coordinator” who will make all arrangements with the sitter, pay the sitter(s), collect funds from group members, file the reimbursement request, and distribute reimbursements to the group members.
  3. Reimbursements may cease during a ministry year (September – May) if the church budget line item covering childcare reimbursement is depleted. We will not cover childcare expenses for the summer months (June – August).
  4. Please complete one form per month. Form must be submitted by the 15thof the following month. For example, complete one form for the month of September by October 15.
  5. Checks are issued and mailed within 2 weeks of receipt of request.
  6. Form is available at
  7. The safety of the children should guide any decisions made about childcare. Here are some recommendations:
    • Make sure the area is safe. Inspect for any possible danger.
    • If possible, have at least two sitters with the children, preferably not a married couple.
    • It is a good practice to have someone check on the children periodically.
    • If possible, do background checks on workers. Teenagers will not have a record. The church will assist with background checks on adults age 18 and above.
    • Make sure none of the kids have allergies to look out for (milk, peanuts, etc.)
    • Be clear in communication & expectations (time involved, safety, spiritual content, etc.)
    • Have a list of cell numbers so the worker can text a parent discreetly if needed.
    • If the number of children is above five or if the ages are diverse, it may be best to separate the children into older and younger groups whenever possible.


Group Reimbursement Rate

GFC will reimburse 50% of the childcare cost per week per group up to $20 per week to help offset the cost for group sitter(s). For example, if your group pays $30 each week; GFC will reimburse your group $15 per week; if your group pays $50+ each week, GFC will reimburse your group $20 per week.


Electronic Reimbursement Form