A Season of Hope

Historically, many Christians have celebrated Easter not just as a day, but as a season (also known as “Eastertide”) stretching from Easter Sunday to Pentecost 50 days later. I like that. The hope that flows out of the resurrection of Jesus is too big for one day!

It’s fitting, then, that we are in a teaching series for the next month about hope, called “Hope in Exile”. We’re looking at the Apostle Peter’s inspired words to Christians scattered throughout the Roman Empire (we can all relate to the scattered part right now). If you missed yesterday’s message, view it here, and make sure to join our Bible reading plan which starts today! (click here for more info)

One of the things we are seeing in the midst of this season is that God is demonstrating His faithfulness in new and surprising ways. As a quick example, the GFC Easter service was viewed on nearly 6,000 different devices across our various channels – including 18 different states and 4 countries! The reason that is worth celebrating is because every “device” represents a person (or a family), and each one needs the hope that only Jesus offers.

Thank you for partnering in what God’s doing financially through Grace Fellowship Church in this unique time. Here are some comments from one of our elders, Earle Chute, in that same vein… Thank you!

Grateful to be a part of this community with you,


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor