Stories of the Heart

Never underestimate the power of your story. We all have one…unique in its plot, scope and characters. God wants to tell His story through your story, the story of your heart, a parable of His redemptive grace and healing power.

We have two types of stories, actually. First, a redemption story of our journey from enemy of God to becoming His beloved child.  This story unfolds the telling of a great rescue from darkness to light that took place in each of our lives when we placed our trust in Christ. The second type of story or stories are redemptive stories.  These are the times in your life when you were bound in pain of some kind, but Jesus rescued you and used it to do a far greater work in your life. You may not always see the “good” in the pain yet but there is much to be discovered in His sufficient grace.

This is the path we will set out on as Grace Women, April 5-7, 2019 at a time away together called, “Stories of the Heart”. Heather Yates, author and speaker, will be our guide us as we learn, grow, contemplate, write and share our stories. Our hearts will be lifted and refreshed through times of sweet worship, solitude and laughter as we enjoy ‘coming away to a quiet place together.’ The campus of Appalachian Christian Camp in Unicoi will facilitate us well with comfortable dorms, great meeting space and ample space in nature to be alone with our thoughts and Savior.

 Won’t you join us?  Space is limited, so register soon! Click here to learn more and sign up.

Cheryl Bowers, Women’s Ministry Coordinator