Sure and Certain – Intro to Luke

Luke 1:1-25

As we start our long journey through the book of Luke, we need to get our bearings Who is Luke, who is he writing to, and what is his goal? What should be our goal as we study this unique account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus? After a short introduction that addresses these questions and more, Luke zooms in on a couple living out in the Judean countryside before the birth of Jesus. It turns out, far from an irrelevant, random story, this choice by the author not only re-expresses the theme of the introduction but perfectly sets the stage for where the bigger story is headed.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for us as a church, that through this series on the book of Luke we would, individually and corporately, grow in our confidence in God.
  • Pray for any in our church and surrounding community that do not know or trust Jesus. Pray that their hearts would be softened to the truth of the Gospel and they would put their faith in Christ.