Taking Action

Last year, the GFC Action Team was formed with this mission in mind: 

“To show God’s love by meeting the physical needs of those in our body who are unable to do so on their own.”

We have been blessed to be able to fulfill this mission through a variety of opportunities to serve both within our congregation and externally by partnering with local outreach ministries. Some of the projects completed by the Action Team have included home and plumbing repairs, yard work, gutter cleaning, window installation, and handicap ramp construction.

We recently had the opportunity to assist Agape Women’s Services, a ministry partner of GFC which seeks to glorify God through service to women, their families, and others experiencing unplanned pregnancy through empowering individuals to make healthy life choices that emphasize the value of human life. Agape is in the process of preparing a building in downtown Johnson City with the vision of the renovated building to serve as their new primary location. Prior to renovating, a capital campaign must first be completed in order to raise support. GFC’s Action Team helped prepare the space prior to potential supporters touring the site by replacing broken ceiling tiles, removing signage and decals left behind from the previous business owner, and moving piles of debris.

While we were struggling to remove adhesive window signs from the store front windows, we met a local business owner who was quick to lend a helping hand and useful suggestions related to adhesive sign removal! Not only did he provide additional tools and physical assistance, he also freely offered useful information related to garnering local support. His willingness to help strangers was a great reminder of God’s love.

I am very grateful to be a member of a local church and larger Christian family that prioritizes meeting the needs of others. Especially in this time of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to provide unconditional love and support. Our ultimate goal is to express God’s love to others in a tangible way. We desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. Serving others as a team has proven to be very rewarding in the midst of life’s chaos. It has strengthened our sense of community and built relationships that otherwise would have been unlikely to form.

John Allman

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If you’d like to learn more about Agape Women’s Services, visit their website.