The Lone Ranger

When I was a kid, one of my favorite stories involved the Lone Ranger… that masked man who was the sole survivor of an ambush, wore a white hat, expertly aimed silver bullets to disarm his enemies, and always captured the “bad guys.” I wore out a cassette tape (something humans once used to record audio songs and other media) as I listened and followed along in my Lone Ranger storybook while wearing my own hat and six shooters. The Lone Ranger character is an enduring American symbol because there is something deeply appealing about his moral strength and solitary determination.

When we examine the guidance recorded in the New Testament for following Jesus, we quickly discover that our Christian life is not intended to be lived alone, but with “one another.” In fact, the term “one another” is used 100 times in 94 verses with at least 47 unique instructions or expectations of believers.

This Sunday, we’re launching a sermon series titled Come Together, where we will explore some of the “one another” aspects of our faith. (Don’t worry, it isn’t 47 weeks long). Whether you are worshipping online or onsite right now, I think you will be challenged to grow and live out the truth we find in the Scriptures about our shared experience of life. By the way, you can join a short-term Come Together group or a longer-term community group to track along with this sermon series. Visit this pageto learn more and sign up.

It took me a long time to realize this, but even the Lone Ranger wasn’t alone. He had Tonto with him. His faithful friend was the reason he survived and endured his adventures. In real life, much more than in fiction, we need one another. Let’s discover again how life really is better when it’s shared together.

In this together,

P.S. Remember to bring a friend and your lawn chair this Sunday to an outdoor service at 9:15 and 11AM or online as we worship with bluegrass music and receive encouragement from God’s word.

Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries