Did You Forget?

“When I saw the Christmas lights being strung up across the city streets and the Santa Clauses in the store windows at Sears, I knew that Thanksgiving could not be far away.” – Peter Gomes

Isn’t that the truth! We haven’t even made it through the end of October and I’m already talking about Thanksgiving. We tend to rush through life and forget what is most important. This November, I hope you find a way to slow down and remember. In his book on gratitude, Robert Emmons wrote:

“Gratitude is about remembering. If there is a crisis of gratitude in contemporary life, as some have claimed, it is because we are collectively forgetful… The memory of the heart includes the memory of those we are dependent on just as the forgetfulness of dependence is unwillingness or inability to remember the benefits provided by others.”

I hope you remember those you depend upon now and those who have made your life possible through their love and sacrifices. Most of all, I desire for all of us to remember our dependence on the Lord Jesus and his model for our life. As we prepare to end this year by celebrating the miracle that God became man, you are invited to join a Bible reading plan for the month of November to read through the New Testament record of Jesus’ life.

By reading just three chapters a day, you can complete all four Gospels in only 30 days. Isn’t this a powerful way to spark gratitude in our hearts, return our attention to what is most important, and grow along with one another as we read the Gospels together! You can download the reading plan here or keep up on GFC’s social media accounts. The reading plan begins this Sunday.

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift,


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Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries