The Pulse: Face of Faithfulness

God uses ordinary people – people like me and you – to make an extraordinary difference.

It’s one of the amazing things we learn through the first Christmas story. God used unusual suspects, like a Nazarene carpenter, a bunch of smelly shepherds, and some magi from a distant land, to participate in the greatest story ever – the incarnation of the Son of God. If you missed yesterday’s message on part 2 of our teaching series, Unusual Suspects, watch it here.

In the life of our church, God uses people to make an extraordinary difference as well. Two of those individuals are Glenn Rannick and Dan Berry.

Glenn and Dan have both served faithfully on GFC’s elder board for the past 7 years. In recent weeks, both have transitioned off the board, but will remain a part of this church community.

Both of these men have been an example to me of faithfulness. Through many different circumstances and even in the face of difficult challenges, I have witnessed both of these men faithfully love and serve God, their families, and others in our church community. They have, in the words of the Apostle Peter, shepherded the flock of God willingly, eagerly, and as examples to the flock (1 Peter 5:2-3). I’m grateful that they will both continue to be a part of this faith community!

I’m also grateful for their spouses, without whom, let’s be honest, they would be in big trouble. 🙂 Thank you to Kim (Glenn’s wife) and Nancy (Dan’s wife) for your investment in this community of faith as well.

This week, let’s press into the truth that God uses ordinary people like us when we’re available to Him to make an extraordinary difference… all for His glory.


Matt Murphy

Lead Pastor



P.S. I cannot wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus next week through our candlelight services! Click here to find out more and learn how you can participate at home through picking up a Christmas Eve bag ahead of time.