The Pulse: Helping Our Heroes

I am a sucker for super hero movies. Lately, I’ve been re-watching some of my favorites.

The heroes we find ourselves most drawn to are not the ones who embody perfection and strength. Rather, it is those we can relate to because of their imperfections. It’s the people who use what they got, however flawed it might be, to overcome the odds and make a difference in the lives of others. It’s those types of characters that remind us we can be heroes, too.

Over the past 6 weeks, we as a church have to sought to come alongside and encourage some of our local heroes who are making a big difference – teachers and healthcare workers serving individuals and families in our community. Our goal was to provide 180 break room baskets for hospitals and schools in Johnson City, write encouraging notes to be delivered with those baskets, and mobilize GFCers to pray for these heroes and those they are serving.

I’m excited to report that because of your generosity, we collected 270 baskets and are in the process of distributing them. We’re already hearing back from numerous school principals about the encouraging impact of these on their staff. We’ve also had many GFCers faithfully praying over the past 6 weeks, both at JCMC and from home.

Thank you for being a part of this initiative to encourage some of our men and women who are serving on the front lines. Let’s continue to be a church that builds a community to reach our community, so that broken and vulnerable people can find life in Jesus!


P.S. – Join us this coming weekend onsite or online as we launch a new teaching series, “Blueprint for the Christian Life.”


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor