Improvise (and Bluegrass)!

When things go wrong or you discover you don’t have something you need, it’s time to improvise. We improvise, at times, when making home or engine repairs or following a recipe without all of the ingredients, but the way some musicians can improvise is astonishing. Charlie Bowman was one of those unusually gifted musicians who could improvise to create beautiful music.

Fiddlin’ Charlie Bowman was known to play, not only the fiddle, but fifteen other standard and non-standard instruments including brooms, saws, washtubs, thick balloons, a homemade one-string bass, and even a furnace – that’s improvisation. He lived just northwest of Johnson City in Gray (a historical marker dedicated to his memory stands not far from where I live) and contributed to the popularity of “old-time” music out of which bluegrass evolved.

We’re all learning how to improvise these days, aren’t we? This coming Sunday night, we are adapting and improvising with an outdoor gathering at GFC. What better way to celebrate this gathering than with bluegrass music! I know you don’t want to miss this special celebration of worship, prayer, and encouragement from God’s Word. Please let us know you’re planning to be here at 6PM on Sunday, September 13.

And, thank you for staying connected and improvising along with us.


P.S. If you missed the weekend service, you can catch up here. Next Sunday night, bring your dancing shoes!

Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries