The Pulse: Looking for Summer Shade?

Alfred North Whitehead articulated an idea that has been part of the fables and ethics of diverse cultures when he said that “great people plant trees they will never sit under.” We engage in this type of activity with every act of selflessness or investment in the future—whether public or private, great or small—playing with a child, starting or leading a new initiative, or reaching out with a simple act of kindness.
Cheryl and Tim Bowers are two shining examples for this way of living. For over two years, Cheryl has been leading women’s ministry with diligence and grace while also lending a supporting hand to efforts like Echo that mobilize our entire church to serve. Tim helped shape Grace Fellowship Church for fifteen years as a pastor creating strategies to help us grow deeper in Christ, maximize the difference we are making for him, and shepherding people through different stages of life. For nearly twenty years, Tim and Cheryl have been a part of building up community within our church and reaching out with Jesus’ love to others. This summer they are starting a new chapter in life and planning to move to Knoxville. We are more than a little sad for us but also excited for them.
One of those trees that Tim planted and Cheryl has cared for is Echo. Eleven years ago, Tim worked along with some of our church staff and volunteers to begin Echo as a way to move the church beyond our walls and out into our community. This Saturday, we continue that work by demonstrating God’s love through physical, tangible acts of service. You can still be part of an Echo project by showing up Saturday at a work site or even better signing up here first.
Being part of Grace Fellowship means that we are enjoying the shade of trees we didn’t plant. It also means we are caring for those trees and planting new initiatives for the future. Even if you don’t know them, Tim and Cheryl have made a difference in your life. Let’s express our gratitude when we see them, and keep following their example.
I’ll see you this weekend,

Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries