There Goes Your Dollar

Dear GFC Community,

A father gave his little girl two dollars and said, “You can do anything you want with one of the dollars, but the other dollar belongs to God.” With joy she ran to the candy store. On the way she tripped and one dollar fell into the storm drain. She got up and said, “Well Lord, there goes Your dollar.”

This little anecdote I came across resonates with me, not because I drop dollars in drains, but because I tend to view my resources as mine and not God’s. Far too often, my heart assumes the posture of owner rather than steward when it comes to money. And the result? Well, as Jon Foreman sang in a tune called If the House Burns Down Tonight, “you possess your possessions or they possess you.

Jesus challenges us in Matthew 6:19-23 to look at who (or what) is doing the possessing when it comes to our resources. If you missed yesterday’s message on this text, watch it here. Jesus’ words not only cut to the quick but give us great insight into how we can live faithfully in an increasingly materialistic world.

On this topic, there are many different ways to faithfully use our resources to honor God and be a part of what He is doing around the world. I want to thank you for giving generously to the ministry of Grace Fellowship Church! One of the primary reasons that we are able to maintain our focus and impact in reaching a community to build a community during this time is your participation in our shared mission through giving financially. Thank you! And if you’ve never explored how to give online, you can do that here.

Look forward to seeing you this next Sunday, onsite and online, as we continue to navigate what it means to have faith in a ________ world.


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor