The Pulse: Together is Better!

When you read Paul’s letters to churches in the New Testament, it is striking how often he includes the individual names of people. Just consider one letter, the epistle to the Romans. Paul includes 27 people in Romans 16. Some are Jewish. Most are Greek. 17 are men and 10 are women.

All of these people (and likely many more) participated with Paul in his ministry to the church in Rome. His example along with the teaching of the New Testament clearly demonstrates that when it comes to serving others, together is better!

The newest member of our staff team at GFC that we now have the privilege of serving alongside is Gene Shelton. Gene will be serving as Adult Ministries Pastor. He comes to us with more than 20 years of experience leading in the local church, gifts in shepherding and leadership, and a heart for Christ and serving Christ’s body here at Grace Fellowship. We are excited to have him on the team! Learn more about Gene, his family, and his story here.

Let’s remember this week that none of us are meant to live the Christian life on our own. Together really is better. Kevin McCallister (aka McCauley Culkin) nails it at the end of Home Alone when he declares, “I always think I’ll have a lot of fun if I’m alone, but when I’m alone, it isn’t that much fun at all.”

Grateful to be part of this community with you,


P.S. Don’t miss this coming Sunday as we explore another chapter in the unfolding drama that is the story of Joseph (if you missed this past Sunday, you can catch the message here).

Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor