The Pulse: Broken in the Right Place

“We are born with clenched fists, but we die with open hands. Life, specifically the process of brokenness, is where we learn to open our hands, hopefully before death.” This quote by Alan Nelson, along with many others in his book Embracing Brokenness, had a big impact on me years ago. Former Lead Pastor Tom Oyler gave me a copy, and it’s been at the top of my bookshelf ever since.

There’s something about life, at least my life, where my hands don’t want to stay open. I continually try to clench onto things in my life that I once surrendered to God. Many times it happens without me even realizing it. I resonate with D.L. Moody’s sentiment: “The problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps crawling off the altar.

One of my favorite things about about Grace Fellowship Church is the ministry of Re:generation. Every Monday night, men and women gather seeking to “open their fists” in Christ-centered community as they deal with their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. The truth is, every one of us has them (hurts, habits, and hang-ups, that is), and Lesson #1 is realizing we can’t and shouldn’t try to deal with them on our own.

If you’d like to see what Re:generation is all about, come to GFC on Monday nights at 6:30pm. No reservation needed, just come. Trust me, you won’t regret checking it out.

Love being a part of this community with you…


The goal is not just to be broken, but to be broken in the right place.” – Alan Nelson


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor