Would You Rather…

Would you rather receive one million dollars or a penny that doubles each day for the next month? (Disclaimer: This is purely hypothetical. Please don’t ask me for a million dollars.)

It’s tempting to immediately choose the million dollars, but if you do the math (correctly) you might be surprised to learn that starting with a penny and doubling your amount each day for a month will result in far more than one million dollars. Of course, you already know that if you’ve been helping your child with their math story problems. Here’s a link that explains how the math works.

The big takeaway here concerns something even more important than math homework or compounding interest. Small actions over time make a big difference. Little changes consistently practiced can contribute to dramatic transformations.

Life change happens slowly – over long periods of time. When we fill our mind with the words of God, God’s power can reshape and remake us.

That’s why we’ve started the year with five selected Bible passages that provide Words to Live By. I hope you’re filling your mind with these words this month, and I also want to invite you to continue (or start) this practice all year long by using 52 Weeks of Gold as a guide. This is one small investment you can make today that will reap benefits for years to come.

This past Sunday, we were reminded that in moments we feel afraid, we can choose to trust God. This coming weekend, we will conclude this series by choosing to praise God and by remembering what Jesus has done for us as we celebrate communion together. You can prepare elements for communion at home or stop by the church office this week to pick up pre-packaged communion items.

Let’s remember Jesus together this weekend and keep making small changes all year long.


Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries