The Red Sea Rules Journey

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by life, not sure what to do next or which way to turn?  Or perhaps you have been, or are currently, overwhelmed by a feeling of fear, insecurity, or hopelessness.

My wife and I have faced several very difficult times in our fifty-one years of marriage.  In 1988, our fourteen-year-old son was killed in a gun accident.  Our thirty-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage four aggressive breast cancer in 2006.  At the age of sixty years old, I learned in an email that I had been terminated from my job.  Currently, it seems like we are watching our country being destroyed right before our eyes. When God takes us, or allows us, to go through difficult times, our initial response is usually something like, “Why me God?”, “It’s not fair?”, or “Why have you allowed this to happen to me?”  We may not understand the reason or reasons for what God is doing or why He is allowing this difficult time in our lives until years later.  Sometimes, we may never know or understand the reason(s) until we get to Heaven.

The GFC senior adult leadership team is offering a 10-week study of The Red Sea Rules, written by Robert J. Morgan. Robert grew up here in Elizabethton, Tennessee. He is currently a pastor of a church in Nashville where he continues to write.

The Red Sea Rules is one of those go-to books which one finds themselves going to many times to be reminded of the truth of God’s involvement in each Christian’s life. This book has meant a lot to my wife and I and has been a great source of comfort to us as we’ve faced some very difficult times.  Since I have gained such comfort from its truths, I have gifted this book to some of my graduating aviation high school students and many people God has brought into my life who are struggling with challenges and difficulties in their lives.

As we grow in our faith, experience God’s faithfulness year after year, and start to apply these ten Red Sea Rules, we can realize we serve a trustworthy God who loves and cares for us more that we will ever know until we are at home with Him in Heaven.

Here are just a few examples of the rules we will be covering throughout the upcoming weeks.

Rule 1: “Realize God means for you to be where you are.”

Rule 2: “Be more concerned for God’s glory than your relief”

We will be addressing questions such as, “Does God really know what’s going on in my life? And if He does, does He even care?”

Rule 5: “Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work.”

There are so many lessons we can learn as God worked behind the scenes with the Israelites who were facing the Red Sea, mountains on both sides, and the Egyptian army closing in from behind. I genuinely look forward to taking this journey with you whether it be in person or online.

Serving Him,
Dan Mills

The Red Sea Rules study starts September 7th. We will meet every Wednesday for 10 weeks, except for the 3rd week when it will be held on Monday the 19th instead of Wednesday, because Robert himself will be joining us.

Schedule as follows:
9:30am – 10:00am – snacks and fellowship

10:00 – 11:00am – study period

This series will be led by Dan Mills and is open to anyone, not just senior adults.

You are welcome to attend in person or online streamed live on

When you register, the Red Sea Rules book and the Study Guide can be purchased for a total of $10.00.