Together is Better

We just spent two days retreating as a staff in Pigeon Forge.
The goal of our time was rest, renewal, and building relationships with one another.
Some of my favorite moments…

• Enjoying some amazing home cooking from Mama’s Farmhouse

• Playing board games late into the night (though my team lost, which I hate!)

• Dan Miller (Director of Administration & Finance) laughing so hard his drink nearly came out of his nose.

We also spent time reflecting on how we can keep becoming the kind of people (and church) that God wants us to be.
Staff retreat is one of my favorite things we do as a group. It reminds us that we are part of a team, unified around a common mission – joining God in building a community to reach a community. It’s that same mission and journey of faith that unites all of us who call GFC home.
So, here’s a simple reminder: Together is better. 
It’s one of the reasons we emphasize joining a group or a team. Life is best lived in relationship with others, and we simply can’t live a life of faith alone – there are no “lone wolf” Christians.
I’m so grateful for you and the amazing opportunity we have to pursue life together – for the glory of Christ and the good of His Church, of which we are a part!
Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor
P.S. We kicked off a new teaching series this morning called Counter Culture, diving into a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus. As always, you can come Monday at 6:30pm if you missed this morning. Hope you’ll join us next weekend as we look at one of the most well-known and difficult things Jesus ever said. Can’t wait!
You’re invited to celebrate Tom’s legacy at Grace with fun music, a time of sharing, a time of fellowship, a time of worship, and even some surprises! Light finger-foods will be available, and you are welcome (but not required) to bring a dessert. Saturday, November 3rd from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Click here to RSVP!